Brokerage Services

Our mission is to increase the probability of success for farmers and manufacturers by ensuring they receive the best price for their high-quality crops and products.

We have trusted relationships with cultivators who grow the best cannabis and hemp in the country; extraction labs that extract top tier cannabinoid formulations; and retail dispensaries and CBD shops that sell first level hemp and THC products. We’re also continually building relationships with other hemp bio-mass industry partners who are leading the world in the unique uses of Industrial Hemp within the feed, twine, rope, plastics, construction, automotive, and the nutritional industries.

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The future of industrial hemp

We strongly believe hemp is the crop of the future as it provides therapeutic solutions to various chronic ailments in the world today as well as many applications for material goods using hemp fiber and hurd.

Quality starts at the source

If your first priorities are to grow the highest quality cannabis or hemp flower, while employing the best farming, planting, cultivation, harvesting and drying techniques, then we would love the opportunity to represent you.

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You grow it or manufacture it, we sell it!
Let’s grow together!

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