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Cannabinoid Nation is the industry’s premier brokerage and consulting firm.

Who we are

Cannabinoid Nation is the industry’s premier brokerage and consulting firm that helps cannabis and hemp operators with grow assessment consulting, white label, E-commerce / website development, and digital marketing services. We also have trusted relationships with the retail buyers to ensure that the growers and manufacturers they represent get the best price for their high-quality products.
Our mission is to deliver best-in-class industry solutions that aim to increase the likelihood of success for growers, processors, and manufacturers.

Our Leadership Team

Gene White, CEO, Chief Executive Officer

Gene White

CEO, Chief Executive Officer

Gene White is the CEO, Chief Executive Officer for Cannabinoid Nation.  He is responsible for the day to day operation of CN. He is also the visionary who with the help of CN, COO, Kevin Carrillo is directing the expansion of CN to not only be one of the premier hemp brokerage firms in the country but where people all over the world can come find the highest quality hemp derived products and thru our world class e-commerce site buy them for themselves, their families and others!

He is very excited about bringing hemp back to the popularity that it enjoyed in the early 20th century.  He is responsible for searching the nation to find the best of the best in hemp products!   And we are so fortunate to say that we are starting our e-commerce with the best brands in the country who consider making the highest quality hemp derived products as their main goal!

He and all of his staff believe that hemp has an incredible future!

Kevin Carrillo, COO and Lead Digital Marketing Consultant

Kevin Carrillo​

COO and Lead Digital Marketing Consultant​

Kevin Carrillo is the Chief Operating Officer and Lead Digital Marketing Consultant at Cannabinoid Nation. He provides his clients with strategic guidance, support, and content development that capitalize on the power of digital media to boost awareness and create a lasting impact. Kevin has helped cannabis companies as well as higher education and nonprofit institutions as well as Fortune 500 companies navigate the complex challenges of social media, with a special focus on channel management, social listening, competitive analysis, and paid advertising.

Kevin is also the host of Cannabinoid Connect, a cannabis podcast about news, policies, tech trends, social justice, investing, cultivation, and the plant’s environmental, economic and medicinal benefits.

Manny About

Manny Ordaz

Lead Grow Assessment Consultant

Manny Ordaz is the CEO of FreshGrown Systems, a New Mexico-based cultivation consulting company, and the lead Grow Assessment Consultant for Cannabinoid Nation. He is responsible for directly working with clients to ensure their grow operation is set up for increased chance for success from start to harvest. Manny’s expertise includes greenhouse and outdoor grow build outs, irrigation or water system setup, lighting, nutrients, and harvesting.

Manny has over 12 years of experience in building, managing, and harvesting large-scale cultivation sites throughout Colorado and New Mexico. In 2019 and 2020, he and his company FreshGrown Systems grew and delivered over one million seedlings for hemp growers throughout Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. From the start of Manny’s cannabis growing career to 2018, Manny and his team grew and successfully harvested 15,00lbs of cannabis.

Manny was born in California and raised in Belen, New Mexico. He is passionate about the success of the farmer and his main focus is to ensure that operations are ran efficient, are cost efficient and with quality being the number one priority.

Orlando Watts Bio

Orlando Watts

Lead Extraction Consultant

Orlando Watts is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vitality Extracts LLC, a Licensed New Mexico Medical Cannabis Manufacturer, and the lead Extraction Consultant for Cannabinoid Nation. He is responsible for directly working with clients to ensure their extraction lab will have the proper strategies and industry knowledge to achieve their goals. Orlando’s knowledge spans an array of extraction methods including ethanol, Co2, and closed loop hydrocarbon systems. He is proficient in the most effective and efficient techniques to create a vast number of products, created using the highest quality extracts. He has extensive experience with compliance and comprehensive knowledge of labeling and packaging requirements, marketing, and compliance software being utilized to monitor commerce.

Orlando was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is passionate about helping people gain access to high quality plant-based medicine. Recently he has shifted focus to hemp extractions and hemp based products to apply what has been learned and broaden the spectrum of availability in order to reach more people.

Sage Howell_Lead Hemp Consultant

Sage Howell

Lead Hemp Consultant 
Sage Howell is the Vice President of Texas Hemp Cultivators and Operations Partner of TexSelect LLC. He also serves as the Lead Hemp Consultant for Cannabinoid Nation.
Sage Howell is a certified organic hemp production company with a mission to provide seed-to-sale transparency, stabilize hemp genetics in Texas soils, and create vertically integrated cannabis products that represent a waste diverting circular economy. When he isn’t thinking green he is focused on residential renewable energy and eco-friendly building. You can find him practicing yoga, cooking, or baking from scratch with cannabis, or snapping photos with his Nikon at a live music venue.
Louie Lujan (1)

Louie A. Lujan

Co-Lead Cannabis and Hemp Attorney 

Mr. Louie Lujan is Director of Government Relations for CIMA Law Group and Co-Lead Cannabis and Hemp Attorney for Cannabinoid Nation. He specializes in navigating clients through the process of doing business with government and serves as the ambassador between our clients and government agencies. 

With experience on the local, state, and federal level, Mr. Lujan knows how government works. He assists clients with developing a clear and simple strategy for navigating through government agencies. Knowing that relationships are essential, he often leverages his contacts in government on behalf of our clients. Gaining access to key decision makers is an essential part of his work with our clients. 

Ms. Ayensa I. Millan (1)

Ayensa I. Millan

Co-Lead Cannabis and Hemp Attorney 

Ms. Ayensa I. Millan is a Senior Lobbyist and Managing Attorney for CIMA Law Group and the Co-Lead Cannabis and Hemp Attorney for Cannabinoid Nation. She has years of experience handling criminal and immigration matters. Her past work with various firms and non-profits strengthened her belief that there is a need for compassionate and effective legal representation. Her work has included representing corporate, government, and nonprofit clients. 

As a native of Puerto Penasco, Mexico she immigrated to the Phoenix, AZ and has built a reputable name for herself within government agencies and the corporate sector. She has worked tirelessly in her community and devoted her life to improving the lives of those she represents. Her commitment and dedication stem from her own personal experiences; knowing firsthand the struggles and needs of the community. 

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